Apple iPhone SE 2020 cases

I have been waiting for a while for an affordable iPhone with a great camera. I am so excited to have my new apple iPhone SE 2020! My problem is that I frequently drop my phone and I do NOT want it to crack or break. There are many cases available but not all of them will protect my precious phone from my slippery grip. I spent hours researching all the cases available before deciding which cover to protect my investment with. This case was built for adventurers and as you read the rest of my blog- I certainly seek adventure!

Urban Armor Gear Rugged Shockproof Military Drop Tested Protective Cover

Overall Rating: At the time of this publishing, this phone case has received only 5 and 4 star reviews!

Product Description: Lightweight with five layers of protection including layers of leather and metal.

Wireless charging compatible.

Honey-comb traction grip makes this easier to hold than other slick cases.

Buttons that are ultra-responsive for great function and crisp click feel.

Meets 2 times military drop test standards.

Comes with 10 year limited warranty.


Rugged: Not surprisingly, I have dropped my phone several times and this case has protected my phone perfectly. I can only say that I am always multitasking and trying to do and carry too much at once. The phone has been dropped on concrete, a marble floor, carpeting and while riding a bike (I know I shouldn’t be riding and texting).There is not even the slightest scuff on the case.

Military-Grade MIL STD 810G 516.6: Exceeds military standards for drop and shock, enduring 26 drops, from 4′ high, with 0 damage. UAG’s signature armor frame and shock-resistant core is layered with top-grain leather, a polycarbonate shear plate, and alloy metal hardware—all wrapped in impact-resistant rubber.

Easy Installation: Installation is a breeze! The case snaps on and off easily yet stays in place while in use. Much easier than other multi-layer cases used in the past.

Excellent grip: This case has a honey-comb grip along the edges and indentations for finger rests along the back for improved grip. I drop my phone all the time because I tend to be a klutz not because of a design flaw in the case.

Crisp Buttons: The buttons are oversize and tactile. Easy to press, they are crisp and smooth.

Slim Design: This case has a thin, lint resistant, friction free cover which slips in-and-out of pockets easily.

Bold Color: Available in either red or black.

Sales: This phone case is comparable in price to many other cases but still is not cheap. I purchased this case when it was on sale. I noticed that the cases tend to fluctuate in price on Amazon throughout the day and from day to day. I watched for a sale and purchased then.


This case does NOT come with a screen protector so one will need to be purchased separately.

I bought this one. It’s not perfect because the protector lifts at the sides but that is because the screen is curved at the edge so there is no great solution to this at the moment.

Cannot use a pop socket with this case because the back has its own grip.

The Monarch design case only comes in two colors.

Similar Case with more Designs: Limited Edition- Customized Designs by Ego Tactical Over a UAG Urban Armor Gear Case for Apple iPhone SE

I chose to purchase the Monarch UAG case because of the reasons previously listed- I wanted the best durability at the best price. My husband purchased one of these cases because of the many designs in a high quality case. I agonized over this decision for far too long!

Personal side note unrelated to cell phone covers: I particularly appreciate the designs with the American Flags on the cover. During times like these, I believe it’s very important to remember the basics. We are all created equal and have inherent value. I am proud to be an American even though I am not proud of many aspects of American history.  Be kind to everyone always.

Overall Rating: At the time of this publishing, this phone case has received only 5 and 4 star reviews!


Rugged: This UAG EGO Tactical also has an impact resistant hard case with a soft care. Military drop testing standards are also exceeded.

Easy Installation: Installation is a breeze! The case snaps on and off easily yet stays in place while in use.

Excellent grip: Finger grips along the back and an easy-grip material are used to construct this case.

Crisp Buttons: The buttons are oversize and tactile. Easy to press, they are crisp and smooth.

Design is slim, color options are extensive and the case is sleek.


The case also does not come with a screen protector.

Popsockets won’t stick because the back is not flat.

I have never seen these cases marked down.


This UAG Ego Tactical is slightly smoother and smaller than the Monarch. No honeycomb grip along the edges like the Monarch.


An iPhone is an investment because of all the value it can add to your life. I use mine extensively for the photo and video capabilities. My iPhone is my primary way of communicating with most people. Reminders, calendars and alarms have simplified and organized my life. The tools and apps available to do any and everything are absolutely incredible. However, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on electronics and I certainly don’t want to spend an equal amount on protecting and replacing them if they break. A solid and affordable way to protect my iPhone is extremely important to me leading me to do as much research as I did which I am now happy to share with you as you decide how to protect your investment as well.

Please leave me a comment and let me know if this was helpful.

Learn as much as you can every day, love intentionally and live fully.

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15 Replies to “Apple iPhone SE 2020 cases”

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing this information in such a clear manner. The breakdown of these covers covers everything I look for in a cover, so thankfully I don’t have to look elsewhere for information.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Best wishes,

  2. I really enjoyed your article. I’ve not long got the SE and I have been looking at cases. I think I’ll go for the rugged one as I do a lot of diy and physical jobs.

  3. Can I ask you a bit more about the screen protectors that the phone case does not come with? When I bought my previous phone case, it too didn’t have one. The person in the store sold me a film cover for the screen that would prevent shattering. Is this what you would use with this case?

    1. Hi Catherine, yes the film cover is a screen protector. You can certainly use that to protect the screen if it’s worked for you and is a brand you trust. There is a wide variety in the quality of screen protectors, like everything else. The screen protector I recommend doesn’t bubble in the middle, is durable, with clear color. I’m sure there are many other great options though!
      All the best to you!

  4. Thank you so much for this excellent article, Christy! I am terrible with dropping my phone-I have cracks all up, under, and through my phone (my screen looks like eagle claws-just carved lines everywhere. Haha). I definitely need to fix it or replace it (I will eventually. Haha), and I definitely want to buy the right kind of case for it (some of my cases have been utter trash. Haha). Seeing as how this case has passed the military and star test, I will certainly give it a try! Great read! God bless you!

  5. Hello – really great info for purchasing a phone case. I too, like to research which case will actually protect my phone, as I can relate with the “slippery grip”. What a good test if your phone fell during a bike ride, that’s an awesome case, I just hope they have that brand when I buy my next phone.

  6. Thanks you. Urban Armor Gear has been around for years and I hope they continue to be because I will certainly keep buying their products! All the best to you 🙂

  7. With mobile phones getting more and more expensive it makes perfect sense to seek out some good protection, especially as we are always dropping them.

    Thank you for bringing these products to the forefront.

  8. I’m completely sold on this phone case! Very good review and a easy read. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion with us.

    Best Regards


  9. From top to bottom I was thoroughly exciting reading your post on Iphone 2020 cases. I can relate, I’ve dropped my phone multiple times…even with a case and a screen protector…and it cracks! Not too long ago, I was sitting on the couch and it fell in between the cracks, down the floor it went, and crack!

    The words “Military” Drop tested really blew me away before I read a word underneath that. I’m happy to hear it’s lightweight with 5 layers of protection including layers of leather and metal, why?

    I wouldn’t like a heavy phone for one, it would be a lot to handle, and with the protective layers – it makes the phone more “in-destcutable” like and durable so it will last for awhile. No need to replace phone cases often, which is good.

    The honey-comb grip is a nice addition – I need a phone with good quality grip so it won’t slip off my fingers and so I can bear to handle it without feeling like it’s too much.

    Yes, an Iphone is an investment, and a really good one at that. Most of us get scared of the thought of dropping one sometimes, but with the cases that you mentioned here today…like they say: “There’s no need to fear”.

    Thanks for your post, I really enjoyed it.


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