Review of SSS by IEW : Structure and Style for Students from Institute For Excellence in Writing

This was our first year using both SSS-1A and SSS-1B. I highly recommend this fantastic teaching program for home-educated children. This is the most recent product released by IEW and we’ve used everything previous the release of this including PAL, TWSS, SICC and Theme Based Writing Lessons. I had been thouroughly impressed by the previous resources yet this program fixed those little things that werent quite perfect and created a superb product! Well done Andrew and the dedicated team at IEW.

Disclaimer: I recieved a FREE copy of
Structure and Style for Students: Year 1 Level A  
in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC Regulations.

Video-Based Teaching

Mr. Pudewa does ALL the teaching via video. When you purchase the program, you have the chance to choose whether you prefer DVDs or streaming. We chose streaming because we have reliable internet and for simplicity.

Previously, the teacher was instructed to watch training videos in order to teach the material to the student and/or supplement. Because the teaching is so thorough in these videos, that is no longer required. The optional teacher training is remarkable and certainly beneficial but no longer required for quality education.


Mr. Pudewa starts nearly every lesson with a joke which instantly engages the student and lightens the mood. Kids really enjoy the teaching style even though some of the topics acan be challenging because its presented in such a fun way.

High Quality

Nothing else exists on the market quite like IEW. The process for training and equipping students to become competent and confident commuinicators, writer and thinkers is unparalled. Building forts all day is still their preferred activity, yet my sons have grown immensly and are able to communicate clearly with structure that is easy to follow and with style that is interesting. This Pandemic year of homeschooling has seen more homeschoolers than usual.  I have several friends from a variety of backgrounds that are using this program yet they all agree that this program has dramatically improved the communication skills of their children.

What’s Included

The program includes 24 lessons. Day 1 and 2 of each lesson have a VIDEO to watch while the assignment is mostly done alongside the video portion. Days 3, 4 and (optional) 5 have clear student assignments.

A separate binder is required for each student. The DVDs and/or access to streaming are yours for a lifetime,.

The typical school year contains 36 weeks so you have flexibility to create a schedule that suits your needs. We participated in a speech coop this year and took a break from IEW while writing and competing in Speech.

IEW also has the option to complete the course over 30 weeks, if desired. Although we did not opt to do this, I can see how this would be beneficial. The later lessons, which involve report writing, were quite time consuming and would certainly have been easier to space out.

FIX-IT Grammar is included with the Premium Pack. Note that it has 33 lessons with 4 days per lesson. We have alternated years in which we’ve done this. You must start at Book One if new to IEW and go through at a quicker pace to begin with if you have an older student. My plan for next year is to do the next book over two years rather thatn alternating years.


IEW has hit it out of the park yet again by improving on an already great product. SSS can be tailored to work with a variety of ages and abilities. Always remember “easy plus one.” Require whats already easy for the student and add just one more thing. Read more about IEW here.