Pictures of Baby Guinea Pigs

We recently adopted an older guinea pig that was in search of a new home with loving children. We have owned several hamsters and a dog but never a guinea pig. In a very short time, she captured the hearts of our entire family! Guinea pigs are now one of our favorite pets and we all agree that they are incredibly adorable. Pictures of baby guinea pigs are just the cutest!

Just look at this adorable little pig with its paw so delicately placed on the wood. Precious!

This charming beauty makes the flowers more pretty!

This newborn guinea pig is so small that it fits in a hand. Oh I wish I could hold it!

This little gray guinea makes my heart smile!

Guinea Pigs are so Cute! Should I Adopt One?

Guinea pigs are super cute and you may find yourself wanting to get one. But wait, research and think first! Guinea pigs do make wonderful pets because they are social animals, can be quite cuddly and let you hold them or sit in your lap. They are much easier to hold than hamsters and also much easier to find if they happen to escape! Oh have we got a crazy escape hamster story for another time!

Guinea pigs require commitment and care but are certainly worth it- you just need to know the commitment first!

How Long Will a Guinea Pig Live and How Big Can it Grow?

Guinea pigs are a great pet because they do live longer than hamsters but not as long as dogs. Most guinea pigs will live between 5-8 years. Be prepared to commit to raising an animal this long before adopting one. Eight years can be a long time and there needs to be at least one person who will care for the animal for that long. The positive to this is that they become part of the family!

Guinea Pigs can grow up to 10 inches long and weigh up to 2 and a half pounds. They are large enough to easily hold yet small enough to be carried in one hand.

Are Guinea Pigs Easy to Take Care of?

Guinea pigs are not low maintenance and require significant care. It’s easy but takes time and commitment.

Daily, they need to be fed and have their cage cleared of waste. They need to be given dry food but also benefit from fresh vegetables daily. Food not eaten within 24 hours should be thrown away. They may have a water bottle in their cage which needs to be checked daily for enough water. Being very social animals, they should be shown some attention every day.

Weekly, their cage should be deep cleaned. Even with clearing their waste every day, residue and odor will build up in their cage. Guinea pigs are larger rodents and have a larger amount of waste. The water and food dishes should be cleaned weekly with the cage.

Sensitive to temperature, they should be kept at normal household temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees. Anything hotter than 80 degrees can harm them.

What are Guinea Pig Personalities Like?

Like all humans and animals, guinea pigs all have different personalities. They are incredibly social animals and need daily social interaction or another guinea pig friend. Interesting noises are a unique quality of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs need to be treated gently and with kindness. Very susceptible to stress, guinea pigs can become physically sick if they are neglected or hurt. Loud noises can also startle these gentle animals.

While easy to handle, they do need to be picked up and held gently. They tend to squirm while being moved and can easily be dropped.

They will hide in objects and should be provided with something to hide in.

Be kind, gentle and loving so your guinea pig will likely be friendly and social with you.

What Do I Need to Take Care of a Guinea Pig?

There are many items on the market for Guinea Pigs but not all are needed.  They need something to chew since they are rodents and their teeth grow continuously. If they are provided with crunchy food such as carrots or celery daily then there is no need to spend money on chew toys. A safe home is important and there are a few options of lining for their cages.

  • HABITAT: They are larger rodents and need a larger area to exercise. Their habitat should be at least 18 inches tall, 36 inches long and 30 inches wide. It should be escape-proof and be made of wire. We use this one and our guinea pig loves her home.
  • CAGE LINER: Most commonly used is shredded animal bedding. I don’t prefer because I think that it just stinks! I love animals but not the smell of their waste. In a desperate attempt to embrace our pig and not have a stinky house I discovered this liner. It really has decreased the odors form the cage when regularly cleaned. The other great quality of this liner is the cozy and cuddly extra layer which provides a built in place for your guinea friend to hide. The poop is scooped up daily and the liner is laundered weekly (follow manufacturer’s care).
  • HIGHT QUALITY FOOD: Timothy hay and Guinea Pig Food should be available at all times. They should be given fresh vegetables daily. Romaine lettuce and carrots are the favorite of our little beauty.

Enjoy the Pictures!

Baby guinea pigs are so cute! Never get a pet just because its cute though. Pets are animals that require care and attention. Be committed to providing a good home if you choose to adopt one!

Before adopting an animal, learn as much as you can about how to care for it so you are prepared, love it intentionally and live fully. Blessings to you!

I’d love to hear your experience. Leave your comments below 🙂



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