Games For Kids to Play on Zoom

Social distancing certainly has created challenges for all of us, especially kids who are used to seeing and playing with friends and family. Within every challenge lies opportunity though. We are blessed with useful tools for creativity. Online platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet give people the chance to see others and interact face to face in pairs or groups. My kids, without any direction, will often just stare at the screen making funny faces and noises. While this is amusing for a few minutes, games are much more fun and interactive.

Here are also some ideas for other fun activities.

Alphabet Challenge

Go through the alphabet starting with A and ending with Z naming items that start with each letter

  • Animals
  • Things you find in a kitchen
  • Movie titles
  • Book titles
  • Famous people
  • Instruments
  • Insects
  • Cars
  • Movie Characters
  • Drinks
  • Foods
  • Cities
  • Nature

Who Am I?

Summarize a person, place or thing and the other person or team attempts to guess. The winner chooses the next item to summarize,

Twenty Questions

One person thinks of an object. Each other person takes a turn asking a yes or no question up to twenty questions. Players may try to guess the object on their turn. After twenty questions, everyone takes turns guessing. The winner chooses the next object and the game continues.


Players attempt to guess the tagline from a book or movie. Examples:

  • “With great power comes great responsibility” from Spiderman movie
  • “To infinity and beyond” from Toy Story
  • “I laugh in the face of danger. Hahahaha” from Lion King
  • “I do not like them Sam I am” from Green Eggs and Ham
  • “In the beginning….” from the Bible
  • “May the force be with you” from Star Wars

Who Said It?

Players take turns guessing who said famous quotes. Examples:

  • “Four Score and seven years ago” Abraham Lincoln
  • “I have a dream…” Martin Luther King Jr


Grab a hairbrush, spatula or pen and have a blast singing!

Simon Says

One player is designated as Simon and tells everyone else what to do. However, Players must only obey commands that begin with “Simon says…” Players are OUT if they don’t obey a “Simon Says” command or if they obey a command that’s not a “Simon Says” command. Last person in wins and is the next Simon.

Hide and Seek

Just kidding! Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have Fun

I’d love to hear your experience. Leave your comments below 🙂

Make the most of your time by learning as much as you can, loving well and living fully. God bless you and your family! Read about more activities here. 


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